Selena Donado

Artist Statement

To lose myself in my work is to live in another universe, another dimension, and another time. I do not have to live just in this reality with my emotions because I can take them to another domain to feel and explore. Transferring passion and sensation into physical bodies is no easy task but my work strongly expresses the escape one may desire.

Fantasy is a powerful genre to express wants, desires, and escapisms. My work handles the exploration of raw emotions and gives a portal for others to understand, feel, and observe what has been created. I believe emotions are very powerful and can change relationships, spaces, and people themselves. They can be freeing once expressed and can take you to another realm.

From an array of different materials, like feather and wire, to steel and rope, my process requires only my ideas and motivation. Any material is applicable to get me toa finished product and goal. The fiery sentiment that surges through me in the moment fuels and pushes me to create an approachable realm for others to seek. Color and detail are also important in my work because a story can be told in many forms when they intertwine, thus creating a pathway for the audience to explore and live in their own fantasy.

My work can be sought out by many to escape the stressors of daily life and society. Carefully carving and cutting detail in my work creates a rift in our world that can be entered and investigated. Using emotion, transportation, and space allows me to ultimately bring others to another cosmos.

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